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The beauty of direct pay physicians is that they are working for the patient, not an insurance company or government entity. Savings from negotiations with hospitals, labs, and other health care support companies can be passed on to patients. This allows patients and their doctors to decide what tests, imaging studies and procedures are actually needed. This model is a true partnership between a physician and a patient. The insurance game is played by having patients return time and again in order to deal with their health issues, necessitating different level office codes and repetitive copay amounts. In a direct pay practice, time is allocated to address most issues in one visit and physicians have the time to spend with their patients in a more efficient manner. Over time, copay amounts for several visits actually are more expensive for the patient than in a direct pay to physician model. Patients may still submit the physician’s charges to their insurance for reimbursement should they desire. In short, direct pay for health care makes more sense, eliminates control over your health by third parties, and is more cost effective. (excerpt from

Achieve peak cognitive, physical and
metabolic health using a physician-led
program customized to your history,
biomarkers and needs

Simple Pricing. Exceptional Care.

A traditional primary care doctor has 3,000-4,000 patients. At Healix Medical Group, our concierge doctors have 400-500 patients. Your concierge medicine membership fee makes up for the difference in the number of patients compared to traditional practices and allows us to provide exceptional care to help you stay at your best. 

Use the treatment plans below to get an estimate of your concierge medicine cost.

Healix Medical Group provides the world’s best age management
health solution - fueled by sophisticated data, technology
and metabolic science.